Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World is the largest theme park in Italy inspired to the movie and cinema world Located in the district of Castel Romano, in the very same site where Dino De Laurentiis the famous Italian Award-winning movie producer built his studios back in the 60s, Cinecittà World is developed on a large area of ​​over 140 hectares and includes the Theme Park “Cinecittà World,” “The Village” with a wide range of retail shops, restaurants and cinemas and a beautiful area of ​ natural environmental called “Cinecittà Nature”.

Cinecittà World is not only a park inspired by Italian and international movies, but a place that welcomes and drives you trough the fantastic world of cinema. Each area and attraction is designed to drive you in a fantastic journey between reality and fiction, between the imaginary and the “factory” of cinema.Movie sets are full of fun, you will be actively involved and everyone can be anyone: a director, an actor, a light technician… any of the many wonderful professionals who can shoot a movie. The Park is filled with some unique attractions for all the family and spectacular shows for young and old, but the strength of Cinecittà World is the atmosphere that you’ll live, the fantastic world of movies.
The three-times Oscar winner Dante Ferretti has deisgned this ambitious project. Cinecittà World is the perfect place between movie, culture and entertainment.