Castrum Legionis

In the enchanting natural reserve and archaeological area of Decima-Malafede, just 5 km from the EUR, rises the structure of Castrvm legionis, center for historical-environmental interpretation and theme park, specializing in the history and evolution of the army Roman, in the medieval and modern history of the Castel di Decima area, as well as an archaeological excavation school.

All visitors, as if by magic, will be able to take a step back in time to discover and relive for a day the thrilling experience of being legionaries, explorers and skilled archers, precise with catapults and fast with sword and shield.

Castrvm legionis, in the uncontaminated green, offers many services including: interactive educational and recreational paths suitable for children and adults, natural foods, games, weapons, tactics and strategies, culture, arts, religion, customs and traditions.

Put on your tunic and follow your instructor to relive a part of yesterday's story.