Archaeological Museum Lavinium

This archaeological museum, opened in 2005, is located in the site of the ancient city, near the picturesque village of Pratica di Mare so called “Lavinium” in the Middle Age, now part of Pomezia, just a few minutes south of Rome along the Lazio coast. This fascinating interactive museum is characterized by its modernity and it focuses on this concept: “Expose to communicate”. Thanks to the interest of the City of Pomezia at promoting its historical, archaeological and environmental culture, this extraordinary museum hosts prestigious artifacts of ancient cities exposing them to the public through documentaries and animated reconstructions of some glimpses of our anchestors life.

Some Aeneid songs envelop the atmosphere of a sacred and mysterious aurea, while some lights fascinate the visitor in what was and will always be the sacred center of the Italic anchestors founded by Enea and continued by his descendants through the great ancient Rome. The aim of this exposition is to emphasize the aura of religiosity that surrounded this ancient Lazio center as the great Sanctuary of Minerva and XIII Altars. The archaeological museum Lavinium is not just a museum, but an attractive tour leading back to 2700 years.

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