Padel sport of the moment - where in Pomezia

Surely it is a sport in strong growth, many are approaching this sport, halfway between tennis, beach rackets and squash.

The court is smaller than the tennis one, it has walls just like squash, the same scores as tennis.

The great thing is that you don't need a lot of experience or a lot of practice to give life to a pyrotechnic challenge, you can play in four if you have no playmate or opponents, the same club will find you the other playmates.

This is why we at the Simon Hotel want to give you some information on where and how you can practice Padel even when you stay with us.

Below we have collected six sports clubs where you can practice Padel, we remind you that rackets and balls are provided by the club, so it is not necessary to bring them from home.

For more information, please contact our reception or write to us.

13 MAMA PADEL CLUB – INDOOR – Via Naro 81 Pomezia Tel 3534233763
GLOBO 69 PADEL – INDOOR – Via Laurentina 157 Pomezia Tel 3277169748
SMILE PADEL – OUTDOOR – Via della Pescarella 6 Ardea Tel 3347340285
PASS UN MARE DI SPORT – OUTDOOR – Via Siviglia 9 Torvaianica Tel 3204520518
CITY SPORT CENTER – INDOOR E OUTDOOR – Via Olanda 76 Torvaianica Tel 3337593634

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